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Did you know the 30-30 rule ?

Average person earn for 30 years to provide for 30 years of post retirment life (with no active income)

What you BUY today in 1 lakh would need 7 lakh, 30 years later due to INFLATION

WHY you need retirement planning ?

because iflation is killing your money silently, purchasing power of your money decreases with each passing financial year, just think of how much a liter of petrol cost's in 1990? So how much your Rs.100 could buy TODAY? and how much it could buy 25 years later?

If your Rs.100 does not grow with same speed then its value might reduce to Rs.10 !! SHOCKING isn't it ?

But true.... you need your retirment planner so that you can atleast maintain your current lifestyle post retirement or a better one... as golden years are to enjoy rather than worrying...

RETIRMENT PLAN is a must because

  • Better medical facilities has INCREASED LIFE EXPECTANCY
  • Families are getting nuclear (small), so financial support is shrinking
  • No, strong social security system from government.

STILL 78% Indian FAIL to plan for comfortable RETIREMENT

When its about retirement THINK LONG-TERM because hybrid (mix of debt and equity) investment has always been positive on performance.

You May Survive Till 90...

            but could work till 60 ...

                            who is going to FUND your life style for ... 30 years

So, meet and discuss with us about your personal retirement planner, which will let you enjoy a WORRY FREE retirement life. Remember, as individual liabilities and assets owned are different, similarly each MRPP is unique, there is no fit for all retirement plan, hence it takes time and effor to build one.

Strong foundation ~ takes time to set so does our plans